Using CBN in Your Every Day Life


Using CBN in Your Every Day Life

As the gloomy clouds around cannabis have lifted a little in the past few years, people have begun to learn more about the substance. If you are up to date with cannabis news, you are probably familiar with a few terminologies. CBD and THC are two famous cannabinoids of the cannabis plants. 

Cannabinoids are chemicals that impart specific benefits to the plant. However, THC and CBD are not the only cannabinoids present in cannabis. THC is the primary psychoactive chemical compound of cannabis, but it is not the only one. Another cannabinoid present in the leaves of this plant is CBN (Earlenbaugh, 2015). 

CBN is an abbreviation for Cannabinol and has been in research for the past couple of years because of its excellent associated benefits (Somerset, 2019). CBN can be confusing to several beginners in the cannabis world. That is why we are here to help you with everything you need to know about the compound in this article. We have all you need from CBN dosage and CBN side effects before you embark on your Cannabinol journey. 

Let’s learn about the following: 

  • What is CBN?
  • What are the benefits of CBN?
  • Where does CBN come from?
  • Can CBN make me high?
  • Is CBN better than CBD?
  • Is CBN in CBD oil?
  • Why is CBN used less often than CBD?
  • How much CBN do I need to take?
  • How should I buy CBN integrated products?
  • Does it have any side effects I should worry about?

What is CBN?

Cannabis is not the feared plant today that it was thought of as in the past. This is the increase of awareness regarding the positive effects of various cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. People are gradually opening their arms to cannabis-related products. 

CBN is a chemical compound that occurs in cannabis. It is formed from the natural reactions of other cannabinoids present in the plant. This reactive formation is why CBN is more abundant in aged cannabis strains than in young ones.

Cannabis research and studies have gained popularity over the years. The plant is being studied for its beneficial properties. CBN is the new rage in the botanical market. It is a brilliant cannabinoid with substantial potential waiting to be unlocked. 

The best part of CBN is its ability to work with other cannabinoids. It creates a synergistic effect, allowing you to enjoy a more potent kick than isolated cannabinoids. 

Many cannabis enthusiasts swear by the ability of CBN to increase the potency of cannabis. This is why several users opt for aged strains of cannabis. The substance has many associated benefits and has accrued a fan following over the years. If you are debating whether or not you should purchase a CBN infused product, there are a few things you need to educate yourself about. We will discuss all of these factors further in this article.

What are the Benefits of CBN? 

There is not as much research available regarding CBN as there is for CBD and THC. However, there are still many promising benefits that customers can get when they use CBN infused products. There are already a significant number of fans of CBN products all over different botanical and nootropic forums. 

Some of the benefits you can get from using CBN integrated products include: 

The Antibacterial Properties: 

The cannabinoid comes with remarkable antibacterial properties. It strengthens your immune system and makes you better able to fight bacterial infections. This factor can be a significant plus point for older people with diminished immune systems. Specifically, CBN has been found highly potent against the MRSA bacterium (Earlenbaugh, 2015). These bacteria are resistant to several other antibiotics on the market. This makes it a perfect and potent antibacterial agent that may help in bettering your natural defense mechanisms. 

The Sleep Regulator: 

It is a misconception that CBN can enhance your sleep on its own. However, when you purchase properly integrated products, it can better your sleep schedule. Our Comfort CBN/CBD oil is the perfect product in this regard. It has a brilliant synergy of cannabinoids that work to relax your body and mind. Not only does it regulate your sleeping patterns, but it also makes you sleep throughout the night so that you wake up relaxed and energized (Earlenbaugh, 2015). 

The Appetite Enhancer: 

CBN works brilliantly to stimulate hunger and regulate your natural biological clock. This will not only work in increasing your appetite but also controlling it, so you do not have cravings throughout the day. Although the research into this effect is still undergoing, many people with mild eating disorders have found help through CBN. 

The Anti-Inflammatory Agent: 

Inflammation can result in painful muscle and bone problems, including arthritis and osteoporosis. CBN has been found helpful by people who have been suffering from inflammation-related pains. This is majorly due to the soothing and analgesic properties of cannabinoids in general. Furthermore, customers have found that CBN integrated products soothe their muscles and muscle pains while working as a relaxant. 

Benefits of the Entourage Effect: 

The Entourage Effect is achieved when the various terpenes and cannabinoids work together to create a perfect balance of associated impacts (Rae, 2020). CBN works brilliantly with cannabinoids like CBD to maximize the associated benefits of CBD. It helps in analgesia and pain relief. Furthermore, when working side by side with other cannabinoids, it can be helpful in mood uplifting, helping in anxiety and depression, and increasing focus. 

Several other potential benefits are being looked into by cannabis researchers as time progresses. Still, CBN has excellent potential to become a balanced cannabinoid for various associated benefits.


Where does CBN come from?


In the 1890s, when the research on cannabinoids and cannabis began, CBN was the first cannabinoid isolated from the plant. It was believed that CBN was the naturally occurring cannabinoid that caused the “high” people had come to associate with weed and cannabis. However, later it was discovered that the psychoactive cannabinoid of the cannabis plant is actually THC (Rae, 2020). 


When it comes to the source of CBN, it is not directly produced by the cannabis leaves. It is formed on its own due to the oxidation of THC and CBD (Johnson, 2020). These two cannabinoids are present in abundance in hemp and cannabis plants. When they go through oxidation due to light and high temperatures, they give CBN. 

Manufacturing Process

While manufacturing CBN rich products, we often age regular strains to attain a maximum CBN concentration before they begin the extraction processes. This minimizes effort and also increases the number of associated benefits you get from these products. It creates a perfect synergy between the various cannabinoids and terpenes in the products, making them the best. 

Will CBN get me high? 

Many people associate the word “cannabis” with being intoxicated and high. This is primarily because of the media’s hostile attitude and publicity surrounding the plant a decade or so ago. However, since the passing of the Farm Bill of 2018, people’s outlook towards cannabis is changing. Many people understandably don’t want to experience a high sensation every day, but are becoming more receptive to trying cannabis products that don’t give users any psychoactive effects.

Although THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant, some believe that CBD and CBN can also get them high. This is a major misconception and often keeps new users from jumping on the cannabinoid bandwagon. Although CBN comes from the oxidation of THC and CBD, CBN’s psychoactive potency is less than a quarter of that of THC. So you don’t need to worry! It can’t get you high (Beckman, 2020). 

If you are worried about trying cannabis-related products because you fear the high, choose hemp-based products instead of marijuana-based ones. Hemp-based products contain less than 0.3% THC by law. This level is legally accepted as a non-psychoactive level of THC. CBN and CBD integrated products do not give you any psychoactive effects.

Is CBN better than CBD? 

CBD is very popular in the current botanical market. You will find it infused in everything from topicals and shampoos to edibles and bath-bombs. Although CBD and CBN sound similar, they are as different from each other as they can be. From their associated effects to their chemical structures – CBD and CBN have many differences.

CBN comes from the oxidation of THC and CBD (Johnson 2020). Therefore, it does not share the same chemical formula as both of these cannabinoids. CBD is easier to access as it has various strains in which it occurs in high concentrations. However, CBN must be prepared by keeping these strains in the light and allowing the THC and CBD to oxidize. 

Therefore, it is difficult to access good CBN products. However, CBN is more focused on imparting the sedating effects upon the user. It creates a feeling of well-being and relaxation. This is why most people use CBN for sleep or use CBN for anxiety relief (Johnson, 2020). On the other hand, CBD is focused more on the energizing and focus-inducing effects of cannabinoids. Hence, there is no distinctly superior cannabinoid when it comes to cannabis. The choice between CBD and CBN depends upon the needs and preferences of the customer. 

Is CBN in CBD oil? 

One of the most essential parts of learning about CBN is figuring out how to purchase your CBN integrated products. It is vital not to trust every run-of-the-mill vendor when purchasing your product. Furthermore, do not believe any myths and misconceptions being spread over the internet. A lousy product decision can turn you off from CBN products for life. 

Great CBN products are hard to find. Many people believe that CBN is present in regular CBD oils and tinctures. However, this is not true. Traditional CBD oils do not have CBN added to it. If you are looking for CBN infused CBD products, you will have to search a lot before coming across an excellent CBN infused CBD oil. 

We have made your search easier with our fantastic Comfort CBN/CBD oil. It is the perfect product if you want to achieve the best of both cannabinoids and associated terpenes. The product has been formulated with full-spectrum CBD and CBN isolates. The full-spectrum CBD means that you get the most potent punch of CBD from the product (Every Day Optimal, 2019). The CBD combined with isolated CBN makes it the perfect product to go for when looking for strength in your product. 

The two cannabinoids in the product create a perfect synergy giving a balanced entourage effect of the cannabinoids. The CBD works brilliantly with CBN to create relaxing effects. Our Comfort CBN/CBD oil is a perfect blend of the two cannabinoids and a terpene. The product comes into effect almost immediately after consumption and lasts you throughout the night. 

It puts you into a relaxing sleep and allows you to enjoy your night and wake up relaxed the next day. The CBD effects stay with you throughout the day and will enable you to stay energized and focused. This betters your work ethic and increases productivity.

Bespoke Comfort

Why is CBN Used Less Often than CBD?

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you would have undoubtedly heard about CBD more than CBN. Furthermore, it is difficult to find products infused with CBN. On the other hand, CBD has infiltrated almost every industry. You can easily find CBD products in various online shops.

There are many reasons why CBN is used more often than CBD. These include:

  • CBN is lesser in availability as compared to CBD. There are no specific strains that are high in CBN concentration. The CBN simply forms from the aging of all cannabis strains. On the other hand, CBD is present richly in several cannabis strains. 
  • CBD has been talked about more because of its popularity. Even if you are not part of the botanical community, you would have heard CBD being mentioned in many everyday use products. On the other hand, CBN has a long way to go before attaining the same level of popularity. 
  • The manufacturing and extracting process of CBN is more meticulous and complicated as compared to CBD. The cannabinoid can only be obtained after the strains have been aged for a particular period. This makes it difficult for vendors who do not have the experience to manufacture CBN extracts and products. 

Although CBN products are used less than CBD products, it does not mean that the cannabinoid is not sufficient and potent. In contrast, it speaks about the amount of effort behind the extraction of this valuable cannabinoid. Only the best vendors are selling CBN infused products. Visit our product range and buy our best-selling CBN/CBD infused products to test the cannabinoid out yourself. 

How much CBN do I need to take?

There is never a set dosage for herbal products such as CBD, CBN, or Kratom. Such products’ dosage is determined by several factors such as a user’s physical chemistry, tolerance levels, and body weight. However, according to customer experience reports, CBN’s effective dosage if taken orally as CBN oil is 4-66mg and is 1-6mg if it is vaped. 

While these amounts are vague, one rule of thumb when consuming such products should be to start small and work your way up. Starting with a small dose allows you to gauge the product’s effectiveness to make sure you can put your finger on the perfect amount. If a smaller quantity proves ineffective, you can just gradually increase the dose until you hit the mark. While dosing your intake, you also need to consider what you are using CBN for. Your dosage will be different if you are using CBN for sleep compared to using CBN for anxiety relief. 

How Should I Buy CBN Integrated Products?

CBN products are generally much rarer to come by as compared to CBD products. You would only find a handful of authentic online vendors to get CBN and hardly see any smoke shop or gas station that stocks CBN. CBN is also likely to be of lower quality or potency due to the expense in manufacturing. So, when you see CBN products, verify the source. Always buy from well-reviewed, trusted sellers.

Bespoke makes a CBN+CBD product called Bespoke Comfort. Because of our high-demand and commitment to exceptional quality for a fair price, Comfort is a leader in the CBN market.

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